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Manrose QUIET Fans and Fan Kits
Ultra-high airflow without all the noise

The QUIET range introduces a new dimension in operational and noise reduction efficiency in extraction fans and fan kits.

The secret is in the axial fan design that sees the 150mm model deliver a powerful 114 l/s and the 125mm model 54 l/s. Even better still is while doing its job extracting bad air as quickly as possible, the noise level is kept to a minimum (150mm – 41dB(A) and 125mm – 38 dB(A).

QUIET fans and fan kits are the Healthy Homes solutions for bathroom and kitchen applications.

FAN7183 – Standard Switching
FAN7184 – Timer Switching
Duct Size: 150mm
Watts: 22W
Fan Performance: 114 l/s, 410m3/hr
Specific Fan Power: 0.19 W/l/s
Sound: 41 dB(A)
FAN7180 – Standard Switching
FAN7181 – Timer Switching
Duct Size: 125mm
Watts: 15W
Fan Performance: 54 l/s, 194m3/hr
Specific Fan Power: 0.28 W/l/s
Sound: 38 dB(A)
FAN7190 – Standard Switching
FAN7191 – Timer Switching
Duct Size: 150mm
Watts: 22W
Fan Performance: 114 l/s, 410m3/hr
Specific Fan Power: 0.19 W/l/s
Sound: 41 dB(A)
FAN7187 – Standard Switching
FAN7188 – Timer Switching
Duct Size: 125mm
Watts: 15W
Fan Performance: 54 l/s, 194m3/hr
Specific Fan Power: 0.28 W/l/s
Sound: 38 dB(A)
Puro Filtered Passive Vent Kit

Designed to ensure a very comfortable distribution of fresh filtered incoming air.

Included in the kit is the patented Puro filter, with its unique dual-layer, electrostatically charged fibres, that traps particles and effectively filtres viruses, bacteria and pollen.

Puro Passive Vent Kit - DCT4565


Puro Filtered Passive Vent Kit

*Included: Vent Chasis, Puro Filter, Typhoon Cowl

DCT4564 - Puro Passive Filter - 2109


Puro Filter

*Included in the Puro Filtered Passive Vent Kit and sold separately

DCT4572 - Typhoon Cowl


Typhoon Cowl

*Included in the Puro Filtered Passive Vent Kit and sold separately

MultiVent Continuous Extract Ventilation
MultiVent continuous extract ventilation is designed for the simultaneous ventilation of separate areas in the home or as a multipoint extraction system for a wide range of commercial applications. The units can be wall, ceiling or loft mounted. Where the ambient air has a high humidity content condensate drains are provided.


  • BRANZ Appraised for New Zealand
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Configurable to Continuous Extract with Automated Humidity Control
  • Designed for New Zealand Building Code G4 Compliance
  • 3 room extraction with discharge through a single exterior exhaust cowl
  • Suitable for apartments and townhouses
  • Base Unit Manufactured in the UK


Metric Size: 391mm x 391mm x 248mm
Watts: 85W
Fan Performance: 123 l/s
Specific Fan Power: 0.68W/l/s

Manrose CUCINA Kitchen Fan – FAN7201
Two speed extraction fan with machine washable metal grease filter
  • G4 and Healthy Homes compliant for kitchen extract ventilation levels
  • Powerful 100mm centrifugal fan with boost levels for either kitchen or laundry installations
  • Low speed for long term trickle ventilation if preferred
  • Plate fascia and fine filter kit available for laundry installation

FAN7201 – CUCINA Kitchen Fan

DCT4529 – Plate Fascia and Fine Filter Kit

DCT4562 – Replacement Washable Metal Grease Filter

High Speed – Kitchen Installations

Watts: 60W
Fan Performance: 73 l/s, 263m3/hr
Specific Fan Power: 0.82 W/l/s
Sound: 52 dB(A)


Medium Speed – Laundry Installations

Watts: 41W
Fan Performance: 39 l/s, 140m3/hr
Specific Fan Power: 1.05 W/l/s
Sound: 38 dB(A)


Manrose Hyper150 EC Inline Fans
Taking fan technology to a new level

Manrose add to the hype with the Hyper150 upgrade now incorporating advanced EC motor technology to bring you a quieter better performing fan with greater energy savings to boot.

In keeping with growing worldwide trends for operational efficiency, the new Hyper150 EC inline fans use up to 33% less energy in delivering better performance in all ventilation applications.

FAN0085 Hyper150 EC Fan with Label 100x100
Metric Size: 150mm
Watts: 18W
Fan Performance: 105 l/s, 380m3/hr
Specific Fan Power: 0.17 W/l/s
IP Rating: IP44
FAN7000 Hyper150 EC Inline Axial Duct Fan

Hyper150 EC with variable controller

Manrose Contour Inline Fan Systems


Fans designed to meet G4 and Healthy Home Standards.

The G4 Building Code now covers the mandatory extract ventilation requirements for bathrooms  and kitchens and the updated AS/NZS standards provide the latest guidelines for internal wet area zones in general. In addition, the Healthy Homes Standard makes it a requirement to fit extract fans in rental properties.

Manrose Contour fans keep things simple with fans named for purpose and designed to more than meet the requirements of specific room applications as defined as acceptable solutions to G4 and as prescribed in NZS and other leading standards in ventilation.

Fan - White Round LED

Fans with Fascia Options

Fans with Round or Square Fascia Fitted

Contour Fascias (hor)
Fan Fascia Options
Round White
Round White with LED
Round Black
Round Black with LED
Square White
Square White with LED
Square Black
Square Black with LED
Manrose GENIUS

Intelligent air movement for a healthy home
• Automatic or customised App settings for installer and home owner
• Ultra quiet bathroom ventilation or heat transfer
• Long life, low energy operation

genius fan02


Fully Flexible Ventilation Control
The Manrose Genius is the new generation of unitary fans. Following installation home owners automatically have a ventilation system offering a wide range of standard default operating settings.

The big advantage with Genius is, however, that home owners now also have the option to easily customise any settings, via an intuitive App, to best suit their particular indoor air control requirements at any time. For example, should the initial humidity setting be too sensitive, the home owner can simply log on to the Simx Connect App and change the setting themselves.

Metric Size: 100mm
Fan Speed – Low Trickle: 10 l/s
Fan Speed – High Trickle 16 l/s
Fan Speed – Boost 30 l/s

Genius App

Simx Connect App with initial set up options being:
• intermittent or continuous ventilation
• humidistat triggered operation
• overrun timer required

Full Simx Connect App features include:
• light level sensor
• variable speed
• timer
• heat transfer
• RH%

Download Simx Connect App here

Manrose Designer Series

The Manrose Designer range delivers elegance & innovation in ceiling mount bathroom heaters and heat/fan/lights combined with LEDs.

Popular Designer Fans…


Designer style in a ceiling mount bathroom heaters with LED panels.
Metric Size: 150mm
Performance: 69 l/s, 248m3/hr


2 x 275W heat lamps with improved extraction performance and LED centre lights.
Metric Size: 150mm
Performance: 75 l/s, 270m3/hr


Simple style in a ceiling mount fan heater  with energy efficient LED lighting.
Metric Size: 150mm
Performance: 106 l/s, 380m3/hr

MANROSE Pre-primed Exterior Weatherproof Cowls

150mm Weatherproof Cowl

125mm Exterior Weatherproof Cowl

150mm Exterior Weatherproof Cowl

Recommended Preparation and Application

Product is pre-treated with a high quality primer and it is recommended that a waterborne low sheen paint, such as Resene Lumbersider, is used.

  • Sand with P400-P500 before a top coat is applied.
  • Apply two coats (if necessary) allowing, at least, two hours between coats.
  • Do not apply at temperatures below 10ºC or when temperature is liable to drop below 10ºC during the drying period.

MANROSE Designer Series Black Interior Grilles and Exterior Cowl…

150mm Weatherproof Cowl

150mm Low Profile
Square Grille *

150mm Circular
Ceiling Grille *

Manrose Pro-Series

The Manrose Pro-Series of extraction fans have been developed to meet the higher specification requirements of the NZ trade & industry professionals.

MANROSE Pro-Series Heater-Fans-LED Light System…


Vivo Integrated Heater, Fan, LED Light

Innovative self-regulating blower fan heater with separate dedicated high-performance extraction fan and high output LED light – includes 4 gang wall switch.

Duct Size: 125mm

Performance: 92 l/s, 330m3/hr
Specific Fan Power: 0.17 W/l/s

LED Lamp: 20W, 1900Lm, 4000K panel

Heater Fan Power: 40W


Vivo Brochure

Popular Pro-Series Fans…

FAN0618 Hyper150 EC


Strong and quiet, this kit includes two low profile options for both interior and exterior grilles.
Metric Size: 150mm
Performance:  105 l/s, 380m3/hr
Specific Fan Power: 0.17 W/l/s

Manrose Classic Series

When it comes to reliable, durable extraction fans, greatness starts in our Classic range. For new bathrooms and for improving existing bathrooms and ensuites, your sparky will probably recommend the proven performance of the Manrose Classic fans & kits.

Popular Classic Fans…

FAN0101 Hyper150 EC


NZs number 1 selling complete extraction fan kit for great reason.
Metric Size: 150mm
Performance: 105 l/s, 380m3/hr
Specific Fan Power: 0.17 W/l/s



Great performance in a sleek wall or ceiling mount fan solution.
Metric Size: 150mm
Performance: 101 l/s, 364m3/hr
Specific Fan Speed: 0.19 W/l/s

FAN5369 Hyper150 EC


Draw steam from directly above a shower. Includes convenient LED centre light
Metric Size: 150mm
Performance: 105 l/s, 380m3/hr
Specific Fan Power: 0.17 W/l/s

Manrose has a complete range of fans, kits, duct & accessories for inline, wall, ceiling & thru-roof applications. Manrose -We’re your greatest fan!

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